MDC Monnaies de Collection Monaco is a numismatic company besides specialized in investment gold, we help to the understanding of the gold and silver market and provide personalized advice to help you manage your precious metal capital.




You can either sell or buy coins with gold purities of 986 ‰, 916 ‰ or 900 ‰:


MONACO gold 100 francs, gold 50 francs, gold 20 francs, gold 10 francs.


LATIN UNION gold 20 francs either French (also said Louis, Napoleon, coq Chaplain, Ceres, Genius, Marengo), or Swiss 20 francs (also said Vreneli), gold Italian 20 lire, gold Romanian 20 lei, gold 20 drachmas of Greece, gold Serbian 20 dinar, gold 5, 7.5, 10 or 15 rubles for Russia.

Gold 100 francs, gold 50 francs, gold 10 francs.

Gold 10 lire, gold 40 lire, gold 80 lire, gold 100 lire.


SOVEREIGN gold for Great Britain, Canada, Australia notably with the series of the gold sovereign young Victoria, gold sovereign Victoria Jubilee and sovereign gold sovereign veiled Victoria, the Italians call it sterlina or ‘vecchio conio’ while it is said ‘nuovo conio’ with Elisabeth II’s profile.


USA GOLD DOLLAR with the gold 20-dollar saint Gaudens or Liberty. The 10-dollar gold coin can be either 'Eagle' or ‘Indian’ or ‘Liberty’ or 'Liberty head’. Exists also the 5-dollar gold coin.


50 PESOS for Mexican gold is also said 'Centenario'.


KRUGERRAND is a South African gold coin containing one troy ounce (oz) of gold.


Investment gold may also be in the form of INGOTS or GOLD BARS in fine gold 999 ‰ whether troy ounce gold, one kilo gold ingot or 500-gram gold, 250 gram, 100 gram, 50 gram, troy ounce (oz), 20 grams, or even 10 grams. We can supply Swiss gold bars: Credit Suisse, Valcambi, France: CPOR Cookson Clal, Germany: Heimerle, Argor Heraus, Belgium Unicore and ingots one kilogram: CMP Compagnie des Métaux Précieux, Comptoir Lyon Allemand, Crédit Suisse, English Royal Mint, CPOR, etc.




Here are the coins we buy: silver 100 francs, silver 50 francs Hercules, silver 10 francs Hercules, silver 5 francs, 5 francs Semeuse, silver 20 francs Turin, silver 10 francs Turin, silver 50 francs Monaco, silver 10 francs Monaco, silver 5 francs Monaco.

Sterling silverware, identifiable by the hallmarks, French solid silver title punch, which is in most cases Minerva head in an octagon accompanied by a diamond’s shape goldsmith's mark.

We are finally buyers of all types of precious metals, so also JEWELRY in 24 carats (1000‰ gold), 22 carats (916‰ gold), 18 carats (750 ‰ gold), 14 carats (585 ‰ gold), and 9 carats (375 ‰ gold), platinum.


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