You are welcome to give us your wishlist as we will not fail to come back to you with regular offers. Finally, we can meet to discuss the market evolution, if you have questions or need to be represented at the grading institutes to get your coins graded in slabs, we are certified.
We mentioned an antique coin worth a few cents, yet a very beautiful antique coin perfectly preserved with its original luster and patina will always be valuable. If you are starting a collection it is suggested to focus on a theme, a dynasty, a ruler or a country as the numismatic field is so vast. Most cities have a numismatic cabinet, even modest, the opportunity to expand your field of understanding. There are very readable specialized magazines and numismatic circles are interesting places of dialogue and learning.


For a valuation upon picture please send the pictures of the obverse and the reverse and describe precisely the coin and mention all that will help the expert to value your coin: provenance, weight, references, etc. . Please provide a phone number in case we have technical questions.You have several options to check the value or the authenticity of your coins:
COME to show our experts your collection coins, medals or gold items, at our Monaco office, from Monday to Friday, 9am to 12pm and 2pm to 6.30pm. If you wish to take an appointment you can contact us by phone 00377 93 25 00 42 or by email
Please note that we can also arrange appointments in Europe.
SEND photographs of the objects, by post or by email to or using the following form link.


MDC numismatic expects also intervenes in all cases where it is useful to know the value of a coin: legacies divisions, donations, partitions, taxes, insurance.
Regarding insurance, we are available for the study and appraisal of your coins. This inventory offers the best protection of your collection or your capital by giving before the contract the valuation of the coins to be guaranteed and in case of incident will serve as proof with your insurer to defend your interests. You will be given a form with photographs, a descriptive card and insurance value.