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Monday to Friday from 9am to 12am and from 2pm to 6.30pm, no appointment requiered, for an appointment outside of those opeing hours please contact us. For any questions contact our teams by email or by phone 00377 93 25 00 42.

MDC Monnaies de Collection is specialized in buying and selling gold since ten years in Monaco 27 avenue de la Costa. The experts buy your jewels and your gold coins for a customer service that is based on reliability, transparency and trust. The payment is immediate.

MDC team offers free, non-binding valuations of you precious metals and coins at the rate of the day.

With MDC, sell everything in gold, silver and platinum in the form of jewelry, watches, dental gold, ingots and coins. With MDC the purchase of gold in Monaco is simple, fast and secure. You can sell or buy gold at official prices. You will receive personalized advice to help you manage your gold capital and understand the market.

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Address shopping center Allées Lumières au rez-de chaussée du Park Palace 27 avenue de la Costa 98000 Monaco

Phone 00377 93 25 00 42


Opening hours Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday : 9am to 12am and 2pm to 6.30pm (no appointment needed)


Gold, silver and platinum in the form of jewelery, gold watches, dental gold, ingots and coins. With MDC the purchase of gold in Monaco is simple, fast and secure.


You can sell or buy gold in concentrations of 986 ‰, 916 ‰ or 900 ‰:

MONACO Charles III and Albert Ier era 100 francs gold

NAPOLEON : gold 20 francs, type Napoléon III, Génie, Marianne commonly named 20 francs coq (rooster)

LATIN UNION 20 francs gold either French (also said Louis, Napoleon, coq Chaplain, Ceres, Genius, Marengo), or 20 Swiss francs (said Vreneli), Italian 20 lire gold, Romania 20 lei gold, Greece 20 gold drachma, Serbian 20 dinar gold, Russian Nicolas II gold 7.5 ruble  or Russian Alexander III  5 ruble, many others.

100 francs gold, 50 francs gold, 10 francs gold.

100 lire gold, 80 lire gold, 40 lire gold, 10 lire gold.

SOVEREIGN in gold for Great Britain, Canada sovereign gold and Australia sovereign gold especially with the series of young Victoria, Victoria Jubilee and Victoria veil, the Italians call it “sterline” or “vecchio conio” while it is said “nuovo conio” for the newer gold sovereign with queen Elisabeth II profile.

AMERICAN US GOLD DOLLAR is also attractive with the 20 dollars saint Gaudens gold or the 20 dollar Liberty gold. The 10 dollar gold is said 'Eagle' maybe a 10 dollar Indian gold or 10 dollar Liberty gold or 'liberty head eagle gold 10 dollar' There is also the US 5 dollar gold.

50 PESOS a classic Mexican gold coin said 'Centenario'.

KRUGERRAND is a South African gold coin containing one troy ounce of gold.

Investment gold may also be in the form of INGOTS in fine gold 999 ‰ whether troy ounce gold, one kilo ingot or 500 g. gold ingot , 250 g., 100 g., 50 g., ounce, 20 g., or even 10 g. We can supply Swiss ingots such as Credit Suisse, Valcambi, French gold ingots such as CPOR Cookson Clal, German gold ingots: Heimerle, Argor Heraus, Belgian gold ingots Unicore etc.


Sell your gold jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings, in good condition or broken.
Metal 18 carat gold (750 ‰) 14 carat gold (585 ‰) and 9 carat gold (375 ‰). We also buy platinum


Silver coins: 100 francs silver coin, 50 francs 'Hercules' silver coin, 10 francs 'Hercules' silver coin, 5 francs silver coin, 5 francs 'Semeuse' silver coin, 20 francs 'Turin' silver coin, 10 francs 'Turin' silver coin, Monaco 50 francs silver coin, Monaco 10 francs silver coin, Monaco 5 francs silver coin.


Allées Lumières shopping center on the ground floor of the Park Palace 27 avenue de la Costa in Monaco Monday to Friday 9am to 12am and 2pm to 6.30pm, or by appointment on the phone 00377 93 25 00 42, contacting us using one of these four systems:


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