Consign coins

If you consider selling all or a part of your coins collection or some rare coinage we create a very qualified and professional service that results in including them in our high standard auction catalogues. 

PUBLIC AUCTIONS will get you the best prices on your coins and medals, at no risk. The competition between different buyers potentially interested in your coins guarantees a high tag sale. The commissioner being paid on the proceeds of the auction is your partner. MDC numismatic auctions have met a high interest in the numismatic world and passionate bidders reached record high prices in each of them to the benefit of our MDC consignors.

Our high standard auctions are the expression and finalization of MDC professionalism and know-how in terms of customer service for sellers and buyers.

In today market auctions are highly appropriate as they channel the dynamism of numerous buyers whether they are present in the auction room, on the phone or through the internet. The use of platforms such as Biddr and Drouot allows us to access simultaneously to a huge international crowd of buyers through live and book order. If you are selling all or part of your collection, do not hesitate to contact us. We will customize our offer to adapt it to your requirements. Your collection is worth the time!

MDC valuates your coins, numismatic collections or medals at no charge nor commitment on your behalf. We are always available to talk with you about the evolution of your coins values on the market to advise you on how to get the best auction results or to collect your consignments.

We are proud of our excellent customer service, our tailor-made numismatic counseling as well as specific and fabulous sale conditions.

DIRECT SALES: MDC activities are not limited to auctions consignments. Our department of direct purchases is available at any time. If you would like to arrange an appointment, call us at 00377 93 2500 42 or email us. We can also meet in Europe or if you prefer you can send us via internet photos and descriptions for a confidential valuation, here the link to download pictures for us to see.