If you consider selling all or part of your collection of Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Medieval, Renaissance coins and rare coinage of the world we provide a qualified service so as to include your rarities in a high standard auction catalogue.
Among the various options you have, antique dealer, classified ads, deposit-selling, eBay, public auction is the best answer to sell your coins and medals at the best price, safely. It ensures a competition between the different buyers potentially interested in your coins and guarantees a sale to the highest bidder. The commissioner being paid on the proceeds of the auction of your collection coins, he is a real partner.
MDC numismatic auctions have met a high turnout and record levels have been reached by passionate bidders who took up prices for MDC consignors. These high standard auctions are a proof of MDC professionalism and know-how in terms of customer service both for in terms of purchase and of sale.
Auctions are highly appropriate in the current state of the market, the dynamism of the many buyers present in the auction room harmoniously completing book orders, supplemented by Live with Biddr and Drouot which gives us access to the international market. Also, if you are selling all or part of your collection, do not hesitate to contact us so that we can study together a customized solution adapted to your needs. Your collection is well worth the time for an advice!
We collect consignments throughout the year and appreciate proceeding to the valuation of coins and numismatic collections without any charge or commitment on your behalf. We are very willing to talk with you about your coin’s evolution on the market and advise you on how to access the best auction result. Our staff is available to assist you and will likely ask you to provide photographs to determine for which potential auction your coin would be adjusted.
If you would like to arrange an appointment, phone us on 00377 93 25 00 42 or email us Please note that we are also able to arrange appointments in Europe for example.
You can also send us pictures and descriptions for a confidential valuation via internet.
You will discover a privileged service and tailor-made advice for coins as well as specific conditions of sale.
Direct sales MDC’s activities are not limited to auctions consignments and we are ready for direct purchases.