You consider numismatics to build a collection because you love beautiful pieces, out of historical passion or perhaps you look for an original and meaningful gift? This decision can also be at the heart of a patrimonial project, numismatics is a passionating approach to merge cultural interest and significant investment qualities, an option embedded in a real strategy of asset optimization. Indeed, beyond a simple tool of diversification patrimonial diversification, coin collecting is a real cultural investment.
MDC Monnaies de Collection sarl provides Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Gallic, feudal and provincial coins, Carolingian, royal, Monaco Principality, French revolution, tokens, world coins by dynasties, rulers and provinces, commemorative coins and collection medals.
A coin has a very precise value according to demand, quality and rarity. This value is set during the valuation phase by our numismatic experts, according to their experience, but also by the prices reached, by the same coin, in the many auctions and platforms.
We provide coins and medals only in the best conditions: UNC Uncirculated, EF Extremely fine, VF Very fine, F Fine. PCGS and NGC authorized dealer, MDC Monnaies de Collection sarl also displays graded coins. Any collector or investor may require a certificate of authenticity issued by our experts. The authenticity of the coins and medals is guaranteed for the total purchase price, with no time limit.


Experienced numismatic experts of MDC Monnaies de Collection sarl help you to understand the value of coins, medals or bills. You can bring boxes of coins you have at home, result of travels or your family history, we are always happy to see coins and we will give you a verbal valuation without cost. Please note that several criteria are taken into account when assessing the value of a coin on the numismatic market. An antique coin can be worth a few cents, while a modern currency can value ten thousand euros, our experts are there to guide you to the best possible result.
Our staff is here to help and will likely ask you to provide photographs if you want a valuation via email to set if a direct purchase is the option or for which potential auction your coins would be best adapted.
N.b. do not clean the coins and wrap them carefully.